Mourning Support and Assistance

The death of a relative (either a close or a not so close one) or of someone we know well and/ or love, usually causes great pain and suffering and often leaves us in a state of shock. Even when we know that it can happen at any moment, we realize that are not actually prepared to say goodbye to them.

That is exactly what we are here for.  Our true mission and our top priority do focus on providing unconditional support and assistance to the families who have just lost one of their beloved ones, so that they can face and overcome such a difficult moment.

We are always ready and available to take care of all the different  stages of the funeral arrangements including all the necessary bureaucratic arrangements as well as the direct contacts with the crematory and/ or cemetery and the place of worship chosen for the family vigil.

We will be responsible for all the assistance needed and/ or required and our major commitment starts at the very moment we are contacted. No-one will be deprived of our permanent support, independently of all the difficulties on the way.